There are many important things in life but the ability to prioritize is important. We must be able to identify what is first in rank, value, or importance.

Priorities tend to change depending on the individual concerned. What may be important for someone may not be important for someone else.
Let’s examine some of God’s priorities.

Hosea 6:6
For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; And the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.

Four important things are mentioned in this verse. They are mercy, sacrifice, knowledge of God and offerings. How do they compare to each other?

1. Mercy and Sacrifice.
Showing mercy is more important to God than the sacrifices we make to Him.
God places relationships above religious activities. Man is God’s priority. God sent His son to die for man, not a religion. This shows how important man is.
When we place sacrifices above the supreme interest of man, we may be missing something. For example, you could fast and pray for three days, and yet neglect your own sick mum.

2. The Knowledge of God and Burnt Offerings.
Knowing God is more important than giving Him large offerings. God wants to relate to us. In heaven, there will be no offerings; just fellowship. It is, therefore, more important to fellowship with God through prayer, worship and reading the Bible.

Do you have the right priorities? Make sure you do!

Kakra Baiden