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Category: Word In Season

A 24th Hour Miracle

Dear Kakra, I spoke to you concerning my returned document for my company’s visa and you prayed for me. I am glad to say in less than no time, the leader in the employment department changed her decision. I am grateful to God...

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Case Dismissed!

Dear Kakra, I requested prayers on behalf of my wife concerning her profession as a nurse. She made a serious medical error. You replied and said you have prayed for me and my wife and that the favor of God would be on our side....

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I Delivered Safely!

Dear Kakra, I delivered a healthy baby through c-section without any complications. Thanks for your prayers.  God bless you!

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I Stopped Masturbating!

Dear Kakra, I purchased the book “Revealed” and the video “how to deal with sexual pressure” and I must say after reading and listening to these materials, I have been able to stop the shameful act of...

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My Car Has Been Bought!

Dear Kakra, I’m really grateful to God and to you for being a blessing to me.  I asked you to pray for me concerning a car I bought to be sold and you replied, “I have prayed for you.”  The car has been...

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No more bad dreams!

Dear Kakra, I am four months pregnant now. From the first month of my pregnancy, I started having dreams of seeing myself dead after delivery. I always wake up in the morning to see and listen to you preach on television. I was...

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Accommodation secured!

Dear Prophet, I wrote to you about not having a place to settle and you said you have prayed for me that God will give me an accommodation that I don’t deserve. Truly, God has answered. Where we have now found is a good place....

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My Hands Are Indeed Blessed!

Dear Prophet, I submitted some documents to an embassy for notarization. They spotted a mistake and asked me to go and rectify it in court. I made the necessary corrections but it was rejected the second time. I was due for a...

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