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Category: Word In Season

I Got A Job With A Good Salary!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you some months ago asking for prayer in order to secure a good job. You replied that you had prayed for me. To the glory of God, I finally secured one after your prayer, and my salary is a good one for a...

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Delivered Safely!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you some months ago requesting prayer for a safe delivery as my first pregnancy was so complicated. You prayed for me and congratulated me in advance. I delivered safely and my baby is also healthy. The...

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Finally Getting Married!

Hello Kakra, I sent you a message about my search for a life partner. You replied and prayed for me, and also declared that I would get married a year by this time. I want to testify that the Lord has done it for me. I am...

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Severe Headache Disappears!

Dear Kakra, During the Turning Point Service last Tuesday, I was having a severe headache. But after you prayed for me, it vanished just like that. I am now feeling better. God be...

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Sister Delivered From Demonic Attacks!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you complaining about my elder sister, who was under demonic attacks with different sicknesses. She said something has been crying in her stomach, which makes her vomit all the time. Due to this, she would...

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My Wife is 3 Weeks Pregnant!

Hello Kakra, You prayed for my wife and I for the blessing of the fruit of the womb. By the grace of God, just as you prophesied, my wife is 3 weeks pregnant now. I am really grateful to God for using you to reach out to us. May...

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My Visa Has Been Granted!

Hello Kakra, I asked you to pray for me to be able to acquire a visa to pursue my master’s degree in the US, and you prayed for me. By God’s grace the interview went well and I have received an email that my visa has...

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I Have Received My Appointment Letter!

Dear Kakra,  I wrote to you asking for prayer concerning a job I had applied for. They had begun calling those they chose for the orientation but I hadn’t been called. I waited for weeks and days hoping to be called. All this...

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Instant Miracle!

Dear Kakra, I joined the Power Up Prayer meeting and it was a blessing.  You prayed for financial breakthrough and in less than an hour after the session, thus around 6:08 am, someone who was owing me and hadn’t called in...

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Delivered Safe And Sound!

Dear Kakra, I want to testify of the Lord’s goodness upon my life and my marriage.  I had a very challenging pregnancy and I sent you a message to pray for me.  You assured me you had prayed and that all will be well.  To...

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Secured A Miracle Job!

Dear Kakra, I was at the Turning Point Service, where I met you on one on and asked that you pray for me to secure a good job. You prayed a short prayer for me and I left. Within that same week, I received a call from...

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Healed of Severe Waist & Hip Pains!

Hello Kakra, God bless you more and more for what you have done for me through your prayer and teachings of the word of God.  I joined in The Power Up Prayer Meeting last Friday between 5am and 5:30, and received my healing. You...

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