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Category: Word In Season

My Wife Delivered Safely!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you to pray for my wife for a safe delivery. To the glory of God, I am blessed with a baby boy. God has answered my prayers.  God be praised!

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God Has Been Faithful!

Dear Kakra, Last year, I wrote to you to stand with me in prayers for a new job. You replied that you had prayed for me. God was faithful and that same year I got a new job (one that made it possible for me to go to school as...

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My Sister Delivered Safely!

Dear Kakra, My sister was overdue for the delivery of her unborn child. She did some scans and the doctors said there was a spoilt egg around the baby which could also put her life at risk. Her stomach was also bigger than...

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My Daughter Passed Her Final Exam!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you to pray for my daughter in the University who had submitted her final year course work. She was worried and had sleepless nights because she believed she had made some mistakes. God being so good, the...

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My Baby Is Without Deformity!

Dear Kakra, I was due for delivery and my friend called me and said her Pastor wants to see me because my baby is in danger and might be deformed at birth. I wrote to you to pray for me as the thought of it kept ringing in my...

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God Knows Best!

Dear Kakra, Last year, as I was seeking for employment, there was this particular job I was believing God for. However, I didn’t get it and had a different job instead. I was a bit disappointed in my current job offer. Later,...

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Delivered A Bouncy Baby Boy!

Dear Kakra, I had been married for a year without a child. The following year I started watching your broadcasts on TBN and I heard a testimony of a couple that had challenges in conceiving and after you prayed, they had a baby....

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I Have The Job!

Dear Kakra,  I was unemployed and my prospects were hundreds of miles from where my family live. We asked you to pray for me and you simply said, “You have the job.” Our meeting lasted less than three minutes...

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