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Category: Word In Season

Healed of HIV virus!

Dear Kakra, I was led by the Spirit to join the Turning Point Service on Tuesday and after your powerful sermon on “Blessed hands,” I informed you I had tested HIV positive and you prayed a very short, but powerful prayer for...

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Healed of Fibroids!

Dear Kakra, Indeed our God is a prayer answering God! I wrote to you a month ago concerning my health. I had been diagnosed of having fibroids, and for three years, this condition persisted. You replied that you had prayed for...

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Secured A Reputable Job At Last!

Dear Kakra,  I sent you a message last October concerning securing a good job after my national service. You replied that you had prayed for me. After my service, I started teaching in a private school, as I waited to get...

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A Complete Turnaround!

Dear Kakra, I am with much joy as I share my testimony with you.  I met you in 2016 at a programme at the Qadesh. In fact, that was the first time seeing you although I had been listening to your five minutes sermons on Facebook...

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An Amazing Job Offer – My Story Has Changed!

Dear Kakra, I have been jobless for 5 years. Because of that, my husband did not give me any respect. He simply got fed up with me. I became miserable, but now God has paid attention to my cry. To cut the long story...

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Marriage Proposal At Last!

Hello Prophet, I thank God for your life and family! You prayed for me some months ago concerning my marriage and to God be the glory, I now have two men proposing marriage to me. I’m currently so confused and need the...

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Conceived after 6 Years of Marriage!

Dear Kakra I want to testify to the glory of God that He has made me conceive after six years of marriage. I wrote you requesting for prayers and you said you had prayed for me and today, I am two months pregnant.  Praise the...

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Blessed With The Fruit of the Womb!

Dear Kakra, Some where in November last year, I asked you to remember me in prayers as I wanted to be blessed with the fruit of the womb. You replied that you had prayed for me. I took it in good faith, and today to God be the...

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Healed of Migraine!

Dear Kakra, I have a testimony to share. At the just ended supernatural empowerment conference in Kumasi, you prayed for me after service concerning a migraine I usually have anytime I decide to pick up my books to learn. I am...

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Healed of Pain & Blurred Vision!

Dear Kakra, Greetings and blessings in the name of the Lord! I wish to thank you so much for responding to my email and praying for me about my health issues. I must tell you that my blurred vision without glasses has improved....

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Empowered By Your Message! 

Dear Kakra, I am being blessed by your message titled, “The only thing left is courage.” My heart was burning with the vision to sell clothes. But I was afraid it might fail. Besides this, my money was so small. I however...

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Blessed With Twins!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you in September requesting prayer for the fruit of the womb.  You replied that you had prayed for me and recommended some of your materials for me.  I write to inform you that by the grace of God, I am...

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