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Category: Word In Season

I’m Finishing My Degree in BA English!

Dear Kakra,  A few years ago, I wrote to you regarding my school college in India. By God’s grace, I’m about to finish my degree in BA English. It has been the most amazing and most fulfilling few years of my life. God...

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My Sister was healed Instantly!

Dear Kakra, My sister is thanking God for her instant healing after you prayed for viewers following the testimony of the brother who got healed of HIV by your prayers.  According to her, she had severe body pains but after...

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We Got Double for Our Troubles!

Dear Kakra, I sent you a prayer request about my sister-in-law’s application for my brother to join her in the UK, which failed. You prayed and said, “May God favor her this time to secure the Visa.”  As I write, my brother...

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I Got Offers from Four Top Universities!

Dear Kakra,  I want thank you for your prayers and advice. I wrote to you concerning some universities I’ve applied for and you prayed for me. I got 4 offers from four top universities in London to study adult nursing. I’m...

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I Was Blessed by Your Sermons!

Dear Kakra, I went through a relationship issue and I wasn’t fine but I listened to your sermon titled “Let’s do it again”. I was really blessed by those sermons. I later on, found a partner and during the marriage...

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God Gave Me A Bouncing Baby Boy!

Hello Prophet.  Thank you for availing yourself to help some of us. Your prayers have helped me a lot. Last year was very tough for me since I was experiencing series of miscarriages and finally in January 2019, God gave me...

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I Got My Visa!

Dear Prophet, I am glad to inform you that I just got my working visa. God bless you. Praises to the name of the most high. Can’t wait to be in church tonight to dance my all out

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I Finally Passed My Exam!

Dear Kakra, I sent you an email asking you to pray for me. I was about to sit for some exam and I felt unprepared. The examiners were selecting only the best candidates for employment. I sat for the exams and didn’t make...

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I Gained Admission!

Dear Kakra, I have been accepted into the nursing program. Thank you for supporting me in prayers. God is good!

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