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Category: Testimonies

My Wife Delivered Twins!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you trusting God for the fruit of the womb, you prayed for us and through you God has done it for us. My wife delivered Twins. Thank you for the things you do.  God richly bless...

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I Had An Inspiration Through A Dream!

Dear Kakra, Thank you for all your prayers. I was going through a lot of challenges in life. Recently I had a dream; in the dream, I was walking and I heard a strange voice saying to me “all your troubles, and struggles...

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I Own A Brand-New Car!

Dear Kakra, Your prayer for my life became effective. I got a call from a dealership that previously declined me for a car to tell me that my new car is ready for collection. I am now an owner of a brand-new car. God bless...

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My Sister Got A Job!

Dear Kakra, Thank you for your prayers. I sent you a prayer request for my sister to get a job. To the glory of God, she was hired and she is starting soon. I believe I am next in line to get a job in Jesus...

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I Have Been Selected for The Program!

Dear Kakra,  I wrote to you to pray for me to be nominated for a training program abroad. You prayed that God should favor me and let His perfect will be done in my life. I just received an email that I have been selected...

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Grateful to God for The Miracles!

Dear Kakra, I went to test again for the hepatitis b positive test and this time I was told the viruses are inactive and that with time there will be no trace of any virus. After the prayers, I had a runny stomach and I noticed...

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Supernatural Connection!

Dear Kakra,  I sent you a message about my delay in marriage. I was not dating anyone at the time. You replied that you had prayed for me.  God supernaturally connected me to His servant that same year, and we got...

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4 Job Offers Within A Week!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you asking you to pray for me concerning my job. I was never invited to attend an interview after submitting countless letters. You replied saying you had prayed for me and that great doors of...

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Hole in Heart Healed!

Dear Kakra, I sent you a message concerning my baby who had a hole in heart. You asked me if you had prayed for her before and I said no. You sent me a recorded prayer, and I played it directly into the baby’s ears using an...

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I Can Now Hear the Voice of God!

Dear Kakra,  I met you at a program. You prayed for me saying, “You have never heard God speak before but you will from now on.” To the glory of God, I have been hearing the voice of God. Your books have also been a...

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