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Healed of Boils!

Dear Prophet Baiden, Thank you and God bless you for allowing yourself to be a blessing to us. I asked you to pray for my husband who had boils all over his body. I say to the glory of God that after your prayer, God has healed...

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Increase In Cash Flow!

Hello Prophet, Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus. I wrote to you sometime ago about my business which was bringing in as low as 200 cedis a month despite the huge investments I had made. You responded and prayed for me....

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Delivered From Masturbation!

Dear Prophet, The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ continue to be with you. Thank you so much for the help you’ve given me in the Lord Jesus Christ. I received and listened to the messages you recommended to me. As I was...

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Healed of Pains In The Bladder!

Dear Kakra, I want to thank God for using you to heal me from my illness. I asked you to pray for me concerning some pains I was feeling in my bladder. After your prayer, I don’t feel those pains again. I am very grateful...

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Strength Renewed!

Dear Kakra, I still want to appreciate you for accepting the call of God upon your life. Your book is still working on me. Certain things I used to be sensitive to have no meaning to me anymore. A guy I thought I could not get...

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My Son Is Totally Healed!

Dear Prophet, I thank God for healing my son through you. On May 25th, I sent you a message telling you about my son having a congestion when breathing and also his red blood cells being bigger than normal, so I asked you to...

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Divine Favour After Your Payer!

Dear Prophet, Almost a year ago, I was believing God on going back to School. All effort I made was to no avail. I was so stranded and didn’t know what to do, I almost thought of taking my life. I applied to everywhere I...

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Delivered Like A Hebrew Woman!

Hi Prophet, God bless you for your  prayers. I want to share this good news with you. My wife delivered a bouncing big boy today. The miraculous thing about the delivery is that, the baby weighs 4.5 which normally a person would...

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Healed of Sickness And Addiction!

Hello Prophet, I have a wonderful testimony to share with you. Man of God, I asked you to pray for me against lust, pornography and masturbation, I was addicted to this unhealthy habits since I was 12 years old. Secondly, I...

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Delivered From Masturbation!

Man of God, It’s been some months now since I wrote to you about my masturbation issue and you said you have prayed for me. Since then, I don’t even get the appetite to do this unhealthy thing. I am saved and free from it....

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Now Employed; Delivered From Lust!

Dear Prophet, I wrote to you concerning my joblessness and how I was also battling with the spirit of lust. You replied that you have prayed for me and advised me as well. As I write to you, I have received a call to start work...

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Now A Dreamer!

Dear Prophet, I am very happy to be writing to you. Prophet, few days ago I sent you a message on my inability to dream and I’m also having some doubts about my faith which I knew was from the devil. Prophet, after you prayed...

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