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Category: Testimonies

I’m Mortgage Free!

Dear Kakra, I came to see you last Sunday after church about my house that was at foreclosure. You said your usual short prayer and God answered! My life time investment has been locked up with a finance house for the last two...

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Got The Job!

Dear Kakra, I asked for your help in prayers after one turning point service and you prayed for me. I was then doing the online driving business but it was rather draining me of all my savings so I told you I needed a new job...

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God Heard My Prayer!

Dear Kakra, During your ministration at the turning point service, I felt the heaviness of the presence of God in the auditorium and I prayed a short prayer within that time. It was a prayer for promotion that my husband and I...

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I Thank God for a Successful Surgery!

Dear Kakra, I contacted you regarding my husband’s surgery and you prayed for me and asked that I buy your message, “making the impossible possible.” I bought the audio and my husband and I kept listening to it even...

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God Turned Things Around!

Dear Kakra, I asked one of my sheep to come and see you for prayers concerning his school placement. He was placed in a school he didn’t like but after your prayers we re-checked, and to the glory of God he has gotten the school...

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I Am Pregnant

Dear Kakra, Last month, l sent a request for you to bless my marriage and to pray with me for the fruit of the womb. To the Glory of God I was confirmed pregnant through a test l did this month. Our God has been good and...

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Blessed With A Baby Boy After 4 Years Of Marriage

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you last year concerning the blessing of the fruit of the womb. I am very grateful to God for blessing my wife and I with a baby boy after 4 years of marriage. The Lord has proved His faithfulness towards...

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God Has Been Faithful!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you concerning the issue surrounding the house, my marriage and the restoration of my business. God gave me an upper hand on the issue of the house. My brother and his wife paid my outstanding debt.  With...

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God Has Been Faithful!

Dear Kakra, I lost my job less than two months to my wedding and because of that the wedding had to be called off. I wrote to you concerning this and you prayed for me. To the glory of God, I got a new job which pays far better...

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Delivered Safely Without Complications!

Dear Kakra, To the glory of God I delivered safely without complications. Thank you so much for the prayers. God really came through for me after twelve hours of induction without any progress. God be...

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