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I’m Liberated!

Dear Kakra, I thank you for prayers and messages. I’m sharing this testimony to tell how God has transformed me through you. I wrote to you sometime ago that I need your prayers because of my masturbation problem. Though...

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Oxygen Now Flowing Through Brain!

Praise the Lord Prophet, Indeed the Lord has been faithful to me and my family. I wrote to you sometime ago about my son who has sickle cell anaemia and the doctor said the oxygen flow to his brain was low and must have blood...

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I Have Gained Admission!

Dear Prophet, I thank the almighty God for his mercy and favour. May God bless you for your prayer concerning my admission. Indeed you are a true prophet from God, for the passed three months. I asked for a prayer concerning my...

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Healed of Hepatitis B!

Dear Prophet, I had the opportunity to listen to you live in kumasi and after that you prayed for the sick. I was Hepatitis B positive, but after your prayer I was convinced I was healed, yet afraid to go for the test. Later, I...

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Blessed By Your Books!

Dear Kakra, I have experienced so many miracles in my life since I started buying your books for others. From acquiring a UK visa, getting great favors in the UK, my husband’s return to me after 7 years of a broken marriage, to...

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I Am Better Now!

Dear Kakra, I sent you a message to pray for me after going through a brain surgery. I am now better and I have been discharged from the hospital. Thank you for standing with me in prayers. God richly bless...

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I Got A Job Offer!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you to pray for me concerning joblessness. By the grace of God, I got a job offer. Even though it’s not a permanent offer, I’m grateful to God for this opportunity and I’m hoping that it would be extended...

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My Article Has Been Accepted For Publication!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you concerning the publication of my academic papers and you replied that you have prayed for me. To the glory of God, one of my articles has been accepted for publication. I am believing God that the...

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No Trace of Fibroids!

Dear Kakra, You prayed for me concerning my fibroid scan and cervical cancer test that I was going to undertake. To the glory of God, there was no trace of fibroid. The scan showed a trace of ovarian cyst but according to a...

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Delivered Safely Without Complications!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you a year ago to remember me in your prayers as I was due  for delivery. You replied that you had prayed for me and that I should “frame my delivery with my words and I shall have whatsoever I...

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Delivered From Pornography And Masturbation!

Dear Kakra, I had been a slave to pornography and masturbation for the past three years and this greatly affected me in all areas of my life. I used to masturbate 3 to 4 times daily without considering where I was at that...

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