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Category: Testimonies

God’s Plan Cannot Be Thwarted!

Hello Prophet!  God has done it! Please I wrote to you somewhere 10th of Dec. 2017 to help me in prayer concerning my jobless situation and you replied by saying you’ve prayed for me. I say this to glorify the name of the Lord...

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My Family Is Back on Track!

Dear Kakra, I asked you to pray for my family for financial breakthrough and marriage. By the grace of God, my mother has a house that we built for her. My brothers got married and now they each have a child; my sister is now a...

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My Auntie Is Responding Well to Treatment!

Dear Kakra,  My Auntie had stroke and fell into coma the following day. I sent you a prayer request and you replied that you had prayed for her. The following week, she started blinking and finally opened her eyes. That...

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My Sisters Job Restored!

Dear Kakra,  I sent a message about my sister’s job being on the line and you prayed for her. By the grace of God, after your prayer, the board put on hold any process of verifications and dismissals. Praise be to God!...

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God Lifted Me!

Dear Kakra, To the glory of God, I have gotten an international job and I would be leaving the country soon. God be praised!

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I Passed My Exam Excellently!

Dear Kakra,  I wrote to you about three months ago concerning an exam I wrote and I asked you to pray for me, Glory be to God I check the result and it was excellent. God bless you. 

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My Daughter Is Healed and I’m Grateful!

Dear Kakra,  I asked you to pray for my daughter who had eczema and you replied that you have. Glory be to God; Her eczema is 99% gone and the consultants have taken her off their list. It happened in a way that I just...

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I Have Double for My Troubles!

Dear Kakra, After being refused on two occasions for a visa to the UK to join my husband, the Lord has made a way. Myself and my daughter have joined my husband and I have even got a good professional job as well. God bless...

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God Made A way for Me Miraculously!

Dear Kakra, For the past two years, I wasn’t able to graduate from school because my particulars were not found in the system. I wrote to you concerning this and you prayed for me. God miraculously made a way for me. My...

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5 Years Visa Finally Granted!

Dear Kakra, I have been granted a 5-year visa to live and work in the United Kingdom just as you prayed for me about three weeks ago. I am so overwhelmed because I had been refused this visa 10 times. This was the 11th time. God...

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Delivered From Bondage!

Dear Kakra, I was at the airpower conference last year at the National Theatre when I got delivered from bondage. I was under an attack where I used to hear voices talking to me. I had no control of myself when that happened. By...

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Citizenship Granted!

Dear Kakra, You prayed for my citizenship. I went for the interview and today I will be sworn in as a United States Citizen. To God be the glory. May He continue to bless your ministry.

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