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Category: Testimonies

Thank You for Being A Blessing To Us!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you concerning a sudden rise in my blood pressure and also my worry concerning my upcoming marriage. You prayed for me that my blood pressure will be stabilized and also prayed that my wedding and...

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The Strange Movement and Pains are Gone!

Dear Kakra, I want to testify of God’s goodness in my life. I sent an email to you early last year asking for prayer concerning a strange movement and sharp pains I was having in my feet. You replied with a prayer and...

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I’ve been Set Free After 10 Years of Struggle!

Dear Kakra, I asked you to pray for me concerning spiritual marriage, and sexual lust and thoughts. You replied and said you rebuke all demonic wives, lust and thoughts. I used to have so many health challenges which affected me...

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Gotten the Job after 2 Years of Waiting!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you last month to pray for me concerning a job I had been waiting for, for almost two years now. You prayed for me and this month I’ve been called to come and start work. May God bless you and your...

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Blessed With A Baby Girl!

Dear Kakra, I lost a child and conceived again. I wrote to you concerning this issue and requested that you pray with me for a safe pregnancy and delivery. By God’s grace I have been blessed with a baby girl. May His name be...

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We Are Both Safe!

Dear Kakra, I sent you a mail some months back concerning my pregnancy and having sustained a needle prick from an HIV positive patient as a health worker. By God’s grace I have delivered safely and both the baby and I are fine....

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My Mum is Healed Of Bilateral Osteoarthritis!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you concerning my mum’s condition of bilateral osteoarthritis which made her unable to walk. You replied that you had prayed for her and told me to continue to speak life and encourage her. That...

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Visa Granted Four Days After Prayer!

Dear Kakra, I came to you last Sunday for prayers regarding my visa application to join my wife in Australia which I applied since January. You prayed a very simple and short prayer and by the grace of God, four days afterwards...

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The Surgery was Successful!

Dear Kakra, I was scheduled for a Uterine Fibroid surgery and I requested prayers for a successful surgery. By the grace of God the surgery went well and I have been discharged. God be...

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Sister Delivered From Demonic Attacks!

Dear Kakra,  I wrote to you complaining about my elder sister, who was under demonic attacks with different sicknesses. She said something has been crying in her stomach, which makes her vomit all the time. Due to...

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Delivered Safely and Got the Job!

Dear Kakra, I sent you a message to help me in prayers for a safe delivery and also a permanent job. By the grace of God, I delivered a baby boy and texted you again about the job and you said my testimony will be complete. By...

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Bedridden For 2 years But Now Completely Healed!

Dear Kakra, My family and I are so grateful to God for a massive breakthrough in our family. My father had been bedridden for 2 years and went through a terrible period. He had lost all hope to live. My sister and I met you...

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