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Category: Testimonies

Delivered A Bouncy Baby Boy!

Dear Kakra, I had been married for a year without a child. The following year I started watching your broadcasts on TBN and I heard a testimony of a couple that had challenges in conceiving and after you prayed, they had a baby....

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I Have The Job!

Dear Kakra,  I was unemployed and my prospects were hundreds of miles from where my family live. We asked you to pray for me and you simply said, “You have the job.” Our meeting lasted less than three minutes...

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Many Open Doors After Prayers!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you to pray for the healing of my kidney, and you replied that you had prayed for me. I believed your word, and in three days the pain left completely. I was also trusting God for a new apartment for my...

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My Baby Is Safe!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you concerning the constant flow of blood I was experiencing during my term of pregnancy, and you prayed with me. The following week or two, I bled heavily and was admitted to the hospital. I was given...

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I Have A Bouncy Baby girl!

Dear Kakra, I had a miscarriage, and when I conceived a second time, I was told that I was going to lose my baby again. I wrote to you to pray for me, and you prayed and encouraged me. By the grace of God, I have a bouncy baby...

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I Found Favor Amid This Crisis!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you in January requesting prayer for a job. God has miraculously given me a job at this time of the coronavirus pandemic where people are being laid off. God be praised!

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