Imagine you went to bed one day and miraculously woke up in a paradise where everything you ever wished for was available at your beck and call. You may enjoy the place but there will always be a void in your heart and a question on your mind, Why am I here?

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Kakra Baiden

Many years ago the Lord Jesus Christ appeared in a vision to Kakra Baiden and called him into the ministry as a prophet, teacher, and miracle worker. He is also known as “the walking Bible" for his supernatural ability to preach and teach the Bible from memory.
Bishop Baiden is an architect by profession and serves as a bishop of the Lighthouse Chapel International denomination. He has trained many pastors and planted many churches within the Lighthouse denomination.
Currently he is the senior pastor of the Catch The Anointing Centre Headquarters, Accra. He is a sought-after revivalist and conference speaker.
He is also the president of Air Power, a ministry through which he touches the world through radio and TV broadcasts, books, CDs, videos, the Internet, and international conferences dubbed “The Air Power Conference." Kakra ministers on major radio and TV Networks around the world including TBN. He has ministered the Word on every continent and is also the author of the best-selling book, Squatters co published by Creation House.
Pastor Baiden is married to Lady Rev. Dr. Ewuradwoa Baiden and they have four children.

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+233 20 7575 215
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