Dear Kakra,

My wife was scheduled for a spinal surgery and I wrote to you to pray for us. Five days after your prayers, she was admitted at the hospital and successfully went through a 4-hour spinal surgery the following day.

Before the surgery, series of tests had been conducted. Exactly three months after the surgery, she had a pregnancy test and it was positive; which meant she was 2 months pregnant before the surgery. We went back to the surgeon for review and told him the news. He said it was impossible and wondered who we were. That was a miracle! According to him, he did pregnancy tests with her blood twice.

Also, the chloroform, antibiotics and other drugs used, would have washed the baby away if it was there. He was really shocked and advised that we do an abnormality scan on the baby.

To the glory of God, my wife has given birth to a baby girl with no abnormalities. God be praised!