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I Am Six Weeks Pregnant!

Dear Kakra, I sent you a message requesting for prayer for the fruit of the womb. It’s been three years since I got married but there had not been any sign of a baby. You prayed with me and asked me to choose the name of...

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God is In The Miracle Business!

Dear Kakra, I wanted to rent a shop but I had no money for that. I wrote to you to pray for me and you did. To the glory of God, I have received my breakthrough. God led me to a father figure I know, to discuss the renting of...

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God Has Shown Me Great Mercy!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you to pray with me concerning a client who was delaying the payment process to clear his cargo off the port. You prayed that God should have mercy on me. I write with great joy as our client has decided...

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My Money Has Been Paid In Full!

Dear Kakra, A man had bought one of our properties and refused to pay the balance. All efforts to get this man to pay the money proved futile. We later found out that he was a known fraudster. We became very scared when we found...

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Completely Healed After Your Prayers!

Dear Kakra, At the beginning of last Sunday’s service, you said a prayer for healing and other miracles. I could hardly move before the prayer. I was very sick. My father offered to take me to the hospital but I replied...

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Exempted From Shame!

Dear Kakra, There was a delay in processing a customer’s cheque. All due processes were observed and followed but this customer was being difficult. He even went to the extent of reporting to the head office. I wrote to...

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Delivered From A Strange Attack!

Dear Kakra, I asked you to pray for me because strangely, houseflies used to worry me; buzzing in my ears and other private places. To the glory of God, I do not have those experiences again. To be certain of my deliverance, I...

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Blessed With A Son!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you asking for prayer support. About three years ago, I was so confused about a word of prophecy I received concerning the birth of a son. You replied that you had prayed for me and recommended some...

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God Has Done Mighty Works For Us!

Dear Kakra, Last year, during one of the turning point services, you said God asked you to tell us that He’s going to do mighty works with people without resources. I believed it and told my husband. In that same month we...

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God Dit It!

Dear Kakra, I was declined my doctorate and scholarship applications in three separate universities despite stating in their letters that I was among the highly qualified applicants. There was a sudden turbulence after...

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When Jesus Opens The Door, No Man Can Shut It!

Dear Kakra, I completed my Master’s in 2012.  I had struggled to get promoted or secure a better position for favorable wages. I remember you prayed for me in March 2018 when I went for an interview as a Service Manager in...

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