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I Now Have My Own Shop!

Good Evening Prophet,  I sent you a message sometime ago that I heard you talking about a shop you owned and how that shop blessed you in so many ways. I wrote to you asking you to pray for me to have a shop as well. To the...

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My wife Has Delivered A Bouncing Baby Boy!

Good morning Papa.  The Good Lord has done it again for me. In July of last year, I asked you to pray for my wife and I concerning the fruit of the womb. You prayed for us and encouraged us to choose the names for our children....

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My Son Is Well!

Dear Prophet, I thank the Almighty God for healing my son through this morning anointing service of hot body temperature throughout the night. I had anointing oil in the house when you were ministering, l also dip my hand into...

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I Got My Visa!

Dear Prophet, I am glad to inform you that I just got my working visa. God bless you. Praises to the name of the most high. Can’t wait to be in church tonight to dance my all out

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My Little Girl Is Healed!

Dear Kakra, My little girl is healed and doing well by the grace of God after you prayed for her. I’m so grateful to God for using you to be a blessing unto us.God richly bless you for your...

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Bad Dreams Cease!

Dear Kakra,I wrote to you concerning some bad dreams I was experiencing, and you replied that you had prayed for me. Since that prayer, I have not had bad dreams. I believe I am totally free from any demonic attack.I give God...

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Blessed With Three Daughters!

Dear Kakra,I am a proud mother of 3 beautiful girls. This miracle happened when we encountered you in 2013. I wrote to you concerning the difficulties we had in conceiving.You replied that you had prayed for my husband and...

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My Finances Have Increased!

Dear Kakra, About five months ago, I wrote to you asking you to pray for me because I was under serious financial pressure. You replied that you had prayed for me. Since you prayed for me, my tithe increased every month....

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