Dear Kakra,

I sent you a prayer request with regards to my jobless situation. After 2 months, I woke up one dawn and took my phone. I normally don’t check my status around that time but I did. A good friend of mine was celebrating his daughter on his status because it was her birthday.

I commented by saying a prayer for her and I slept afterwards.In the morning he called to ask how I was doing and also asked about my job situation. I told him I was still on a job hunt. He asked me to come see him the following morning. He told me he had a managerial position for me and I was taken through a two week orientation.  He introduced me to his staff as the new administrative manager.

To the glory of God, I am now working! I write this from my managerial seat. I’ve also been given a car that goes with my position. Four people were laid off because of Covid 19, when I was been brought in. 

This could only be God! Thank you and God bless you!