The word awe means to fear, to respect and to wonder. The appropriate response to the word of God is to stand in awe of it.
Psalms 119:161-162
“Princes have persecuted me without a cause: but my heart standeth in awe of thy word”

Let’s examine the word awe in detail.
Respect the word
We must see the importance of the word in our lives. You need a compass to navigate the vicissitudes of life. The word gives a coherent, tried and tested strategy for daily living. Without it we will have to resort to our own minds and it will certainly lead us astray.

Fear the word
When you don’t fear the word you can easily break it. The word provides warnings and caution for many things. Until we fear the caution we can easily break them. For example, if you don’t fear sin you will indulge in it.

Wonder at the word.
Sometimes when I read the promises in God’s word I find it hard to believe that such wonderful promises are our portion. This amazement is intended to spur us on to higher things. When we have this healthy attitude towards the word it will help us to live by it in times of persecution and stress. Maybe, someone rejected you or you are sick or going through a divorce.

Decide to stick to the word because it will help you sail through the choppy and stormy seas of life.

Kakra Baiden