Crafty means to be clever in a dishonest way. When I was not a committed Christian I used to tell myself I will give my life to Christ just when I was about to die. I thought I could be crafty.
I had a friend who posed as a Christian when she was with Christians and acted as an unbeliever when she met her worldly friends. She thought she could be crafty. It does not pay.

Job 5:12
“He disappointeth the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise.”

We can be crafty with men but never with God.
God’s response to craftiness is “disappointment.” He will make sure that your crafty plan and efforts will not succeed.

One day, a man I knew requested I visit him in the hospital. He was dying and wanted me to lead him to Christ. By the time I got there he had slipped into a coma so I could not communicate with him. He died without being able to give his life to Christ. His “hand could not perform his enterprise” His crafty plan failed.

Are you being crafty with God? Remember that the result is disappointment. Walk sincerely before the Lord.

Kakra Baiden