Judges 5:2
“Praise ye the Lord for the avenging of Israel, when the people willingly offered themselves.”

God used Jael, a woman to kill Jabin, the King of Canaan. She drove a nail through his head. By her hand, God gave deliverance to Israel. Deborah, the prophetess who prophesied concerning Israel’s victory uttered these words in praise to God.

I want you to notice certain things concerning this verse.
First of all, God can avenge us of our enemies because vengeance belongs to God.
Most of the time, we take the law into our own hands because we feel the vengeance of God is not real. The only way to pursue the judgment of God is to believe in his justice system.

Secondly, vengeance came from the Lord when the people willingly offered themselves. Until we yield our minds, emotions and will to God, we cannot trust in His judgment and we can be tempted to take the law into our hands.

Do you feel aggrieved or mistreated? Then refer your case to the higher court of heaven.

Kakra Baiden