Are you feeling unhappy and depressed because of some problems and difficulties you are encountering? It could be at work, school, in marriage or for no reason.
Paul faced great opposition and persecution from the Sadducees and the Pharisees who wanted to kill him. In this instance, 40 men had vowed that they will not rest till they had killed Paul. Naturally, being human, he became depressed but God appeared to him.
Acts 23:11 reads “The night following the Lord stood by him and said be of good cheer Paul: for as thou has testified of me in Jerusalem so must thou bear also at Rome.”
Obviously, he was depressed because God said to him “Cheer up.” The presence of God is not determined by your moods, but His word. Even if the situation does not change, He will give you grace to sit through the storm till it blows over. Smile for this too shall pass.
Pray to God for grace to go through difficult  periods and dark valleys in your life!

Kakra Baiden