Dear Kakra,

I wrote to you complaining about my elder sister, who was under demonic attacks with different sicknesses. She said something has been crying in her stomach, which makes her vomit all the time. Due to this, she would vomit out anything that went into her stomach; be it water or solid food. She became bony and anaemic in the process.

You replied and asked that I bring a bottle of oil for prayer and divine intervention. On Sunday after church, I came to see you and you laid hands and prayed on the anointing oil. I left with it to the Volta Region, where my sister was still on admission at the emergency ward. When I reached the hospital, I told her you had sent me to her, so she should believe that God is about to heal her, and she would never be on admission again.

I took the oil out and prayed and ministered it on her. I stayed with her till Monday dawn and before I left to Accra, I prayed with her and ministered it on her again and gave the anointing oil to her to be using.

I did not even reach my destination and she called me that she had been discharged from hospital.

I later called to check up on her and she told me she had drunk some “light soup” and small “akple.”

I am thanking God for His mercies and divine intervention.

I am blessed to know you as my Prophet.

May the good lord bless you abundantly!