Dear Kakra,
I have a testimony to share. I used to be jobless and without papers here in London for a long time. You may not remember, but I once spoke to you about it and you prayed for me. But I remember 2 things. One day as I was praying and fasting, I saw you in my dream. I was one of the passengers on a North London bus and you were the driver. When we arrived at last stop you stood and began to pray for everyone. You would ask everyone to touch your hands then you bless them. When it was my turn. You were moved with Compassion and held me and gave me some money.... you then you looked up to heaven and said father I pray that you will bless him. You also cursed stubborn spirit of poverty. Then I woke up.
I am sharing this because, I believe these were prophetic breakthrough in my life. As I speak, I have inexplicably moved from being a jobless, paperless asylum seeker into a business analyst and consultant working in the financial services for banks such as Barclays and HSBC
If it wasn't for God I don't think this would have been the case for me as I my situation looked hopeless then. But I also believe that listening to you and your prayer unlocked my breakthrough. I thank God for you. God bless you. I love you prophet.
In a separate experience while still jobless I once saw you in a dream. I came up to you and said "prophet, i am still waiting to receive the money you said i will receive. Then you said this to me: it has delayed because the (barclays) bank was still closed but now it is open. As we made our way towards the nearby barclays cashpoint I woke up.