Dear Prophet,
I am so excited as I am sending you this mail.
Prophet, I sent you a mail that I needed an admission into the university and you replied that you have prayed for me “And that I should find favor with all that concerns my admission processes”. You also told me to “have faith in Jesus, the one who stands undefeated and enjoy victory”.
Prophet, to my surprise, shock and awe, I have now gained an admission into the university to pursue Business Administration. Prophet, no one in my family has been able to make it into the university, save me. What beats my imagination is that, my grades don’t even qualify me to pursue that course. Because if I look at my grades and the course I’m pursuing, I know for sure that it is just by the grace of God.
God bless You Prophet for availing yourself to be a vessel and channel of Blessing to me.
Glory be to God!