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On Blogs... I Received The Double Answer I Sought After I Wrote You
Good morning Prophet I believe you are well by Gods grace. Glory be to God, great things He has done. Prophet I sent you an email concerning my child's skin
I Received Multiple Admissions After You Prayed For Me!
Good News - Ho and Takoradi!
Hello all, I have good news for residents of Ghana. We have started broadcasting on two new stations. The details are as follows: Ghana (Volta region - Ho) KEKELI FM.
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The King, The Captain Of The Hosts, And God!

"...What is to be done for thee? wouldest thou be spoken for to the king, or to the Captain of the Host?”
2 Kings 4:13

There are times in life, when the problems we face cannot be solved by our political connections or "the king". They can also not be solved by the "Captain of the hosts," or human might, be it mental, financial of physical.

In this story, Elisha asked a woman who had been kind to him what
Testimonies The Snake Is Gone!
Hello Prophet Baiden, Prophet I bought one of your books SQUATTERS. I read the book and prayed the prayer in the book on a bottle of olive oil. After praying, I went to bed. Then I had a terrible dream. In my dream I saw a big long snake. It was so long that it had its tail on the ground and its head in a tall palm tree in


Radio and Tv Schedules

In Ghana

- Now on radio in every region

- Also on TV3 Network


- DSTV AFRICA (Channel 345)

Viewed Across 52 African Countries And Parts of Europe & Asia;

Also in:

- Sierra Leone: Radio BBN 93.1

- Kenya: Sayare TV (on 4 channels)

- Liberia: ELWA Radio 94.5


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It Takes A Certain Militant Spirit To Defeat The Devil!
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