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On Blogs... I Received The Double Answer I Sought After I Wrote You
Good morning Prophet I believe you are well by Gods grace. Glory be to God, great things He has done. Prophet I sent you an email concerning my child's skin
I Received Multiple Admissions After You Prayed For Me!
Good News - Ho and Takoradi!
Hello all, I have good news for residents of Ghana. We have started broadcasting on two new stations. The details are as follows: Ghana (Volta region - Ho) KEKELI FM.
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Success Is Not Pretty!

"He that is despised, and hath a servant, is better than he that honoureth himself, and lacketh bread."
Proverbs 12:9
I have a personal saying and it goes like this "success is not pretty but failure is beautiful"
What do I mean? I have noticed that in life it's the ability to do the unpopular, difficult, undesirable and most of the times demeaning things that make you successful.

It's easier to take a loan to rent a fanciful office, have
Testimonies Skin Infection Healed After Reading Squatters!
Dear Prophet, I am glad for the opportunity to write to you. I got a copy of "Squatters" and this is my testimony. Last thursday, I noticed a skin infection on my face and decided to get a cream to treat it. As I walked towards the medical shop, I remembered that I had anointing oil at home so i said to myself that this is an opportunity to exercise


Radio and Tv Schedules

In Ghana

- Now on radio in every region

- Also on TV3 Network


- DSTV AFRICA (Channel 345)

Viewed Across 52 African Countries And Parts of Europe & Asia;

Also in:

- Sierra Leone: Radio BBN 93.1

- Kenya: Sayare TV (on 4 channels)

- Liberia: ELWA Radio 94.5


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A Poor Culture Will Make You A Bad Leader Of Yourself!
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