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On Blogs... Job Granted, Mum Healed!
Dear Prophet, Indeed we serve a living God!!I sent you a mail 6 weeks ago asking you to pray for my fiancé who had lost his job, my mother and
My Mum's Debtor Has Surrendered!
Dear Prophet, I wrote to you to pray for my mum because of her chest pain and cough. You recommended your message 'Dominating By Faith' so I purchased it and
I Received The Double Answer I Sought After I Wrote You
Good morning Prophet I believe you are well by Gods grace. Glory be to God, great things He has done. Prophet I sent you an email concerning my child's skin
Daily Word

Not Easily Offended!

Are you easily offended or short tempered? If you are, it will be difficult for you to maintain long term relationships because as long as you are close to people, someone is bound to step on your toe.

If you are married, it may be difficult to sustain a prolonged conversation with your spouse without trouble because some misplaced word can easily pierce your fragile emotions.

I believe if you are in such a situation, you will need some form
Testimonies Delivered from Masturbation!
Dear Prophet, I am grateful to you for your support in my life. It was always my heart desire to praise the Lord at all times but I always seemed to lack something in my life due to my burden of guilt from masturbation. I wrote to you last month and you said you have prayed for me and you asked me to stop listening and watching some ungodly things.


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The blessing of synergy or increased productivity in marriage is released when two become one;unfortunately, there are many "single-married people."
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