Life is a war; from the spirit realm to the natural, we are always fighting something. It could be the devil, sickness, poverty, enemies etc. Because of this, we must be battle ready at all times.
What are some of the spiritual preparations that we can make? I would like us to examine this scripture by looking at it symbolically.
Isaiah 21:5
“Prepare the table, watch in the watchtower, eat, drink: Arise, ye princes, and anoint the shield.”
This scripture gives us seven things we can do to be battle ready. I want us to examine them in detail.
1. Prepare the table and eat: This means we must nourish ourselves with the word which is our spiritual food.
2. Drink: we must drink “of the spirit” ; prayer makes you drunk in the Spirit.
3. Watch in the watchtower: this means we must be spiritually vigilant.
4. Arise: we must move into action.
5. Anoint the shield: faith is crucial and Ephesians tells us to pick up the shield of faith.
It’s time to get ready for battle, so start preparing yourself with these five keys.
Kakra Baiden