Waiting on God means spending time in His presence. This may involve prayer, worship, fasting and reading the word.


Psalms 59:9

“Because of his strength will I wait upon thee: for God is my defence.”


It is important to wait on God because you need to be protected from problems, evil, demons, poverty, sickness, men etc. God has to defend you; “God is my defense.”


What has waiting got to do with this?

It makes you draw upon the strength of God instead of depending on your natural strength and resources. God’s strength is limitless and endless. It is also multifaceted; thus it is spiritual, mental, emotional, physical or economical, name it.


Recently, I faced a problem and after waiting on God in prayer, He gave me a wisdom key to unlock it.


It’s time to draw upon the strength of God. Wait upon Him in prayer, worship, and fasting; and experience the power of God!

Kakra Baiden