One day I observed two birds fighting over a scrap of meal. As I watched them, it occurred to me how we sometimes fight over little things, although there is enough room and opportunity for all of us. I thought about the abundance of food in the world and how there was scraps of food littered over the surface of the earth. They fought as if that was the only food left in the world.

The world is big and opportunities and room exist for all of us. Why do we fight over: one job, one girl, one position, one house, one dollar, one church, one opportunity as if that is the last?

Genesis 26:22
”He moved on from there and dug another well, and no one quarreled over it. He named it Rehoboth, saying, “Now the Lord has given us room and we will flourish in the land.”

Isaac dug several wells which was contended over by the Philistines, and the men of Gerar. Instead of fighting over one well, he acknowledged there was more room to dig another well. He moved away and dug a new well each time.

The world is big, opportunities abound and God’s grace is limitless. Instead of fighting over one small thing move away and find new “room” for yourself.

Don’t whine forever over one relationship that ended. There are seven billion people on the earth.

There is “room” for everyone.

Kakra Baiden