Luke 15:18
“I will arise and go to my father, and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee,”
There are many who go round playing the blame game. They blame everyone around them except themselves. They blame the church, the devil, and even witches for their failures in life. When you blame others for your failures, you give yourself a reason to do nothing.
The prodigal son could have blamed the friends he had, the girls he picked, or even the country he went into, but he blamed himself. The minute he took responsibility for his actions, things took a different turn. Stop blaming your parents, church, grandfather, president, or country!
One day, a lady came to me and told me how a young man had promised to marry her and disappointed her. When I asked where the man was, she replied that he was married with children. Apparently, this happened about twelve years ago. This woman lived all her life blaming this man for her misfortune. This prevented her from realizing the need to succeed.
There is no one in this world without limitations. Everyone operates within certain boundaries. You can rise within the limitations you operate in if you will take up responsibility. Step up and take charge of your own life.
Make a decision to stop the blame game. Take up responsibility for your own life and rise!
Kakra Baiden