Proverbs 12:9
“He that is despised, and hath a servant, is better than he that honoureth himself, and lacketh bread.”

I have a personal saying and it goes like this “success is not pretty but failure is beautiful” What do I mean? I have noticed that in life it’s the ability to do the unpopular, difficult, undesirable and most of the times demeaning things that make you successful.

It’s easier to take a loan to rent a fanciful office, have a beautiful desk with the latest computer and call yourself a businessman than to sacrifice, start small, work hard, and build a great business.

When you employ someone as a marketer, the person may prefer to sit in a plush office than to actually do the hard work. It’s easier to be the “cool” student who does not learn than to be the studious student who has to sacrifice and come out with straight A’s. It’s easier to snatch someone’s else’s wealthy and good husband who has been groomed by another woman for twenty years.

It’s also easier to just move in with your boyfriend and live as husband and wife than to subject yourself to the principles of God concerning marriage and go through marriage counseling, engagement and an expensive wedding before living with someone. Although this may be a longer route, I bet you, your chances of a good marriage are brighter.

Success isn’t pretty so let’s be prepared to do the hard and difficult things!

Kakra Baiden