Romans 8:10

“But if Christ is in you, then even though your body is subject to death because of sin, the Spirit gives life because of righteousness.”

Good health is as a result of many factors; diet, genes, lifestyle and more importantly spiritual factors. 

There are three important things I want us to examine in relation to this verse.

1. “Your body is subject to death.”

This means your body is under the control of death. That is why we all age and die over time. Paul calls it  ‘a corruptible body.’ 

2. “Your body is subject to death because of sin.”

When God created man, He could not die, but the sin of Adam changed the composition of the body. 

God said to him, “You shall return to dust.” From that time, man became subject to death. 

When you live in sin, you accelerate this process. For example, drinking, drugs etc. can shorten your life as they make you more vulnerable to diseases. 

3. You can have “spiritual health” by being righteous.

The Holy Spirit is attracted to righteousness. That’s why He comes to live in you when you become righteous by the blood of Jesus. However, there is an invisible influence on your health when He is present. He gives you life or health; “The Spirit gives life.”

Do you want spiritual health? Remember, the Holy Spirit can give you life or health, and the key is righteousness!

Kakra Baiden