Dear Kakra,

I will like to share some powerful testimonies with you.

1. Deliverance from Sexual Sins!

I was struggling with sexual addictions for 20 years. I fought hard but this addiction only got worse. I listened to your podcast of which you preached a sermon titled, “the beauty of Holiness.” As I listened, it was a blessing so I determined in my heart to listen to all your messages on podcast. I began experiencing short term victories but I was afraid I will fall back. I wrote to you and you assured me that Jesus was fighting for me. I honestly didn’t believe you because I felt you didn’t understand what I was going through. 

To the glory of God, since you prayed, I have not masturbated, watched pornography, or slept with any women for 3 years now. I wasted 20 years of my destiny due to these habits. I am close to the Lord now; He talks to me and I’m comforted. My world is filled with only spiritual things and my mind is renewed every day. 

God be praised!

2. My brother-in-law got saved before he passed away!

At the end of last year, I had a dream, in this dream you came to my bed room. You walked quietly to the washroom and gently walked out of the washroom to the bedroom. You were heading towards the bedroom door and I rose up and knelt before you. You said some powerful words of prayer over me. I sat on the bed and you also sat on the edge of the bed too. I asked you “Pastor, have you gone to see my wife’s brother, Stephen? He is not well.” You said to me, “Yes, I have been there but the alcohol has overtaken him so he will be leaving the world.” You told me to pray for him so that he will be saved.

When I woke up from the dream, I didn’t understand it because I didn’t know my wife had any brother called Stephen. The next day, I asked my wife if she had any relative called Stephen. She said that is her brother. I asked her if he drinks and she said he started drinking some years back. Then I told her that I had a dream and in the dream he was seriously sick. My wife said if he was seriously sick the family would have known.

The following day, my wife came weeping and she said her brother was dying. He had been bedridden but his wife was angry and decided not to tell us and abandoned him at home. 

He was later rushed to the hospital. The Lord led me to pray with him and lead him to Christ. He passed away that same week. Praise be to Jesus for saving my brother-in-law at the last minute to step into eternal rest.

3. No more pains in my spinal cord!

Prophet! I was experiencing pains in my spinal cord due to one sexual engagement. I prayed to God to have mercy on me and heal my spinal cord. That night, I dreamt and in the dream you appeared gallantly like Christ himself, accompanied by a number of workers who were like angels. You stood and pointed my back to them and they open a hole in my back. You bent down and used your hand to re-fix my bone. You told the angelic workers to cover it, they covered it with dust. You said it’s done and you left with the workers. I woke up and the pain left completely to this day. 

Jesus is Lord!