Lamentations 3:41

“Let us lift up our heart with our hands unto God in the heavens.”

When my children were little, I used to love it when they met me with lifted hands at the front door anytime I came back from work. I will then lift them up and kiss them on the cheek. They seemed to be saying “we are helpless and we need your help.”

Lifted hands are a symbol of prayer and when we lift our hands to our Heavenly Father we are telling him we are depending on his grace and mercy. However, when we approach God we must not only lift up our hands, we must also lift up our hearts in synchrony. God sees us when we lift our hands. In the same vein, he looks on the heart so our lifted hands have meaning only when our hearts are also lifted up.

A lifted hand is a sign of dependence so a lifted heart is a heart that depends on God.

It is also a heart that has surrendered to the will and the word of God. This is because lifted hands are a symbol of surrender.

These represent two conditions of answered prayer: faith and obedience to God. Do you want God to answer your prayers? Remember it takes a lifted heart and a lifted hand, that’s faith and obedience!

Kakra Baiden