Psalms 147:18

“He sendeth out his word, and melteth them: he causeth his wind to blow, and the waters flow.”

The word of God can act like the elements: fire, the wind and water. Let’s examine them in detail. 

The fire of God’s word. 

When the word acts like fire, it melts or dissolves anything that is in its way. For example, when God anointed David to be king all opposition in his way was melted. Goliath is an example; he was the giant that David slew with stones. 

The wind of God’s word.

The word of God can act like the wind; changing seasons, circumstances and situations. When Israel asked God for  meat to eat, he sent a strong west wind which brought quails. This provided them with meat and the situation changed. 

The water of God’s word.

Water causes plants to be green and fruitful. When we obey the word; it acts like water in our lives keeping us fresh, healthy and blessed. 

For the word to act in these three forms it has to be “sent.” To send means, to cause something to be sent from one place to another.  The word is in the pages of the bible, but it must be transferred from the pages into our lives. We must act upon it. It must be sent into our marriages, behavior, thinking and finances before we can experience these effects. 

Decide to send God’s word into your life through obedience and you will experience: fire, water and the wind of God’s word. 

Kakra Baiden