Proverbs 29:19
“A servant will not be corrected by words: for though he understand he will not answer.”

Body language is a non-verbal communication consisting of gestures, body posture, eye movements and facial expressions. I think women communicate more through body language than men. I can take one look at my wife’s face or posture and know what she is saying to me. I have been married to her for many years, so I can read her.

Men will have to learn the body language of women to be able to relate to them properly because most of their concerns may not be expressed verbally. What does it mean when you ask someone a question and the person refuses to answer? I want to share with you one body language tip from the scriptures.

When you ask someone a question and he or she does not reply, the Bibles says it means the person cannot be corrected by words. In other words, they are unrepentant. I was once angry with someone whom I used to employ because he had done something wrong. I did not receive even one answer from him as I questioned him about what he had done.

Watch husbands, wives, employees, children and people who answer serious questions with stony silence. It means they are unrepentant and will not change. Try something else; maybe prayer, dismissal or counseling from someone else.

Kakra Baiden

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