Ecclesiastes 4:13
“Better is a poor and a wise child than an old and foolish king, who will no more be admonished.”

The Bible tells us we must never come to the point in life when we are not open to advice. God used a donkey to advice a seasoned prophet called Balaam, who had an international ministry. What are some of the things that can make us immune to advice? This king could not receive advice for three reasons.

  1. Age: He had come to the point where he thought he could not be advised by anyone younger than he was. If this were true, it means you should always be older than your doctor or mechanic.
  2. Wealth: There are some people who say you cannot advise them because if you were wiser, you would be richer than they are. Kings have access to wealth and wealth can make you impervious to advice.
  3. Position or title: He was a king and because of his position, you could not advise him if you had a lower position. The ability to listen to advice is a mark of a wise person.

Be open to good advice from friends, pastors, experts, parents, and even enemies. It will not hurt to listen, because the final decision will always rest with you!

Kakra Baiden

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