Dear Kakra,

I have been jobless for 5 years. Because of that, my husband did not give me any respect. He simply got fed up with me. I became miserable, but now God has paid attention to my cry.

To cut the long story short, when I got home after the anointing service last Tuesday, I had a call from a company I applied to last year. I remember clearly how I failed the interview. In fact, I had even forgotten about them. 

They called to offer me the job, and my salary is going to be almost $800 dollars a month. I can’t even celebrate because am so shocked.

What amazes me is that I am past 45 years and it was becoming difficult to secure a job because of my age. So I even decided to concentrate on my little shop which you prayed for 2 weeks ago. Now, my story has changed! I start work this Monday. 

To God Be the Glory!