Access control systems are used to restrict people from gaining entry into places.

To gain access to the Lord you must have your “spiritual swipe card” If you just can’t walk into the presence of a president easily, can you imagine how difficult it will be to walk into the presence of God? We thank God for Jesus who has made access simple.

Ephesians 3:12
In whom we have boldness and access with confidence by the faith of him.

How does Jesus grant us access into the presence of God?

1. We approach God in the name of Jesus. “In whom”
One day someone sent me to see a powerful and influential person. He asked me to mention his name. When I did, I was immediately ushered into the presence of the person. When we mention the name of Jesus we go in his name, not ours.

2. Faith in the shed blood of Jesus gives us access.
No one can approach God without holiness. The blood of Jesus washes our sins. Because of this, we can approach him in faith knowing we are clean.

3. Finally, the union of the name of Jesus and faith create boldness and confidence in our hearts. It’s time to approach God in prayer not on your own merits but on what Jesus did for you.

Kakra Baiden