I know a prophet called “History,” and he can predict the future with a fair degree of accuracy.

History is a prophecy of the future. History usually repeats itself. For example, if I were to go back to my former high school and observe the current students; based on my experience, I can fairly predict the academic future of most of them. This is because I have been in that situation before and have seen the outcome of people’s lives based on their decisions and actions.

That’s why you must be a student of history. There was someone in the past who behaved exactly the way you are behaving and came out with a certain result; good or bad.

Because of this, you can predict how people’s marriages, work, ministry, business, and career will go if you have knowledge of history.

Similarly, you don’t necessarily have to be a prophet to know how your life will pan out. Compare history with your decisions, and you can avoid serious mistakes.

Ecclesiastes 3:15
“Whatever is has already been, And what will be has been before; And God will call the past to account.”

History can let you know whether you will be poor, anointed, a failure or go to hell.

History is a “Prophet,” so let history guide you into a glorious future!

Kakra Baiden