This Is A Real Miracle!

Dear Kakra,

I used to work in one of the savings and loans company whose license was revoked. I applied for a UK visa but I knew it was going to be difficult because the company is no more.

I remember during one of the anointing services you prayed for me concerning my visa application and I believed. You also asked during one of the Tuesday mid-week services that we should bring any documents so you pray over it so I did that.

In the service, you said, “if you are expecting any breakthrough within the next three days come to front for prayer.”  I came  forward and you prayed for me. Exactly three days after your prayer, I received a message that my passport is ready for collection.

To God be the glory; I got the Visa too! Also, my brother who travelled and lost touch with the family for a long time called my mother that same day.

This is a real miracle! God be praised!