Proverbs 14:28

“A large population is a king’s glory, but without subjects, a prince is ruined.”

Glory means praise, honor, distinction, beauty, and prosperity. These are all powerful words which symbolize blessings. Who doesn’t want to be praised, be distinct, or prosper? How can this be achieved? The solution is in people.

  1. Value people 

People are valuable and glory is embedded within people. For example, I have met people who have been of great blessing to me. Without them, I will not be who I am today. Their help has been immeasurable. My wife is one such person. As for my family, it’s a given.

  1. You have to be able to relate to diverse people.

The honor is in a multitude of people. This could be racial, economic, or religious. When you are able to relate to diverse people you open channels of blessings which bring unique blessings. The blessings of a particular country, group or people cannot come to you unless you connect to people from that sphere.

  1. You have to be able to relate to a large number of people.

When your friends or associations are few, you receive little help and support. The wider your network the more your resources.

Are your finances, hopes, relationship with God or marital dreams being ruined? Open the doors of your life and connect to the right people and they will bring rivers of blessings into your life.

Kakra Baiden