Dear Kakra,
I thank God for your life and ministry and the fact that, the spiritual and physical welfare of your congregation is dear to you. 
Ever since I joined this church, you have mentioned severally the importance of owning ones own house. And you’d often back it with the scripture, “A house is built with wisdom.” I felt defeated anytime it was mentioned but the devil reminded me that y dad built in his old age so I still have more time. 
By divine orchestration, our landlady out of nowhere told us she needed us to move out so she could renovate the place.
I was confused, sad and shocked. My husband was even more worried. 
But to the glory of God, we finished our house and moved in on November 3. The amazing thing is this whole house was built without a single loan. We were also planning to get a dog and everyone was asking for 2000ghc, but God  gave us one for free.
I thank God for this church, your ministry and your love for us.