Psalm 94:18 reads “When I said, My foot slippeth; thy mercy, O LORD, held me up.”

No one intends to backslide or slip, but sometimes we find ourselves slipping from the path of scripture. What do you do when you know you can resist any temptation, but one particular one? I mean – the sin that easily besets you!

Normally, you are very spiritual, but the moment you see “Johnny,” you just can’t control yourself. You find yourself in sin. For some, it’s alcohol. For some, it’s a particular temptation that makes them slip.
How can you get over it?

1. Be honest to yourself and God and tell Him, “my foot slips ….” You have to tell the Lord about what makes you slip.

2. Ask for mercy. Tell Him your strength is not enough for this weakness, and ask for mercy. Don’t try to hide your nakedness like Adam.

3. He will respond and hold you up with His mercy.

Why don’t you talk to Him now.

Kakra Baiden