“For there stood by me this night the angel of God, whose I am, and whom I serve.” Acts 27:23

If you are a thief, who and where you steal from is very important. For example, you cannot steal a DVD player from the White House. Why? Because it is owned by the President of the USA. If it were owned by an ordinary man, probably you could do it.

In the same way, no one can touch what God owns. Some time ago, a money lender lent some amount of money to someone. Unfortunately, his debtor fell sick. The money lender, who was scared his debtor was going to die, came to see me for prayers so his debtor will not die. The man said, “I have shares in his body; he can’t die!” He had a personal interest in the man!
If a money lender seeks the welfare of his debtors, you can imagine the level of interest God has in those who serve Him.

When God develops a personal interest in you, there shall no evil come to your dwelling place! God cannot afford it; you are too valuable to be left alone. Because Paul was serving God, He delivered him from the storm

Choose to serve God today, and He will protect you like he protected Paul!

Kakra Baiden