There are different types of faith; we have the faith of Abraham and we also have the faith of Jesus. Each faith type represents certain qualities about the faith of the person who exercised it.

Let’s examine an aspect of the faith of Jesus.

James 2:1
“My brethren, have not faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons.”

The faith of Jesus does not respect persons. What does this mean? Most of the time our faith is limited by what we see in the natural. Some few months back, I was speaking with a businessman who had powerful political enemies who wanted to derail his business. He could not see anyway out of the situation because in the natural all was against him. I told him prayer and faith in God could turn the situation around and defeat his enemies. I was urging him to exercise “the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ”. The kind of faith which has no respect for circumstances and regards only the power of God.

Are you sick or in debt? Do you have a serious marital problem or is s your business collapsing? Are you oppressed by demons or you are an unbeliever? You can choose to exercise the faith of Jesus. Do not respect the circumstance but rather respect the power of God. Our God is awesome he will come and save you so cry to him in prayer!

Kakra Baiden