Psalms 80:4-5

“How long, Lord God Almighty, Will your anger smolder Against the prayers of your people? You have fed them with the bread of tears; You have made them drink tears by the bowlful.” 

When you don’t pray, won’t pray or find it difficult to pray, you can find yourself eating the “bread of tears.” This is imagery for trouble or problems. 

The same applies when God does not listen to your prayers; you may “drink tears by the bowlful.” Why is this so?  

It’s not every problem that can be solved by money or connections. There are some problems that respond only to prayer. 

I remember once praying for a brother who had cancer of the liver. He agonized and cried as death grew closer. I prayed with him and by God’s grace, the power of God helped him. He was healed by the merciful hand of God. The interesting thing was he was not even a child of God.  

It’s time to learn how to pray, because you will have nowhere to turn to if you meet a problem that defies all natural solutions. 

Learn how to pray to avoid the “bread of tears!” 

Kakra Baiden