Dear Kakra,

I write with great joy to the Glory of God for granting me my miracle job at a date like today.

wrote to you sometime last year, and complained about my difficulty in securing a job after was dismissed in May 2015. That said; I wasn’t paid for the jobs I subsequently gotIt seemed the devil was winning at the moment, but you exhorted me, prayed for me, and said any unfruitful branch the Father will purge

You also recommended to me one of your messages titled, Job Crisis, and just as started feasting on the word in it, hope surged back. I realigned my mind to the reality of the crisis,but more importantly, the Power of God.

Two days ago, exactly two years on, God remembered me. I had a phone call concerning a job and the next day; my salary was settled on 400% increase of where was dismissed. I am overwhelmed by the goodness of God to start work on this day 24th May, 2017; unheard of a day to be employed. 

I give God all the glory!