One night, I was returning home late with my wife and it was raining heavily. As we got closer home, I saw a stranger standing at the side of the road in the rain flagging me down. I wondered, “who is this stopping me in the middle of the night.” My first reaction was to drive off but an inner voice, the Holy Spirit told me to stop. When I rolled my window down the stranger told me a particular bridge I was about to use had flooded and the stream had overflown its banks. I thanked him and used an alternative road. The following morning I learnt someone had drowned whilst driving across that same bridge. There was no one to warn him but I was saved by the words of the stranger.

Acts 11:14
“Who shall tell thee words, whereby thou and all thy house shall be saved.”

The house of Cornelius was saved by the words of Peter; the whole house came to know Jesus. If the words of a mere man could save me from drowning, you can imagine what the words of Jesus can do.

Let’s listen to His words through the scriptures and our marriage, souls, business, body, children etc will be saved by these words.

Kakra Baiden