Dear Kakra,
I trust you and the family are doing well.  I asked you to pray for me to secure a good job. After your prayer, I testify that I have got a job with a multinational oil company. It was stated in my offer letter that I would work in Takoradi.  A couple of weeks later as I was waiting to commence work, the HR contacted me and said management has decided that I would no longer work in Takoradi but rather in the UK.  The HR therefore told me another appointment letter would be given to me to effect the change.
To the glory of God, I have received my new letter confirming my transfer to work in the UK.  Unbelievably,  my new salary is 7 times more than what they were going to give me working in Ghana. I’m now working on getting my work permit in the UK.  Kindly say a prayer for me to easily receive my work permit. God bless you.