I’ve always wanted to see you and how you look. l only get your voice preaching on radio from South Sudan. l love your ministry and the way you exaplain the word of God, it teaches me.

l used to listen to them over n over again because l have recorded them on my phone. You know what? Since June 2019, my life was complicated, l had no job and I mainly wanted to find a job. But one day l tried to open the radio to listen to something that will calm my mood down, all of a sudden, l heard you preaching. l wanted to change the dial but something inside me stopped me not to change it. The topic on that day was “The Source of Blessing.” From that moment upto date Prophet! I’m always with you on your radio broadcast from Monday to Friday.

Thank you Papa, you have blessed my life to unthinkable, now from that source of blessing l found a job, wonderful one.

Thank you once again. Love you.