Dear Kakra,

I am an evening student in a private University. I lost my job in the beginning of the year making things very difficult. After a few months, my rent expired and my landlady wanted me out if I did not raise the said amount. I nearly gave up on life. I wrote to you and replied an encouragement and a prayer.

I decided to continue building management systems, and made a little money from there. I paid a year’s rent and part of the semester fees. When the end of semester exams started, I was scared, but I went in and was allowed to write all 6 papers. I went to several interviews to no avail.

But the Grace of God has come through for me with 2 very good offers awaiting my signature. Again, a very big cold store with 7 and counting branches hired me to build a software that will help them manage all its branches. This is never my doing but the Grace of God and the prayers you shower on us.

God bless you and enlarge your ministry.