Psalm 2:11
“Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.”
Christmas is a time for rejoicing because it is the birthday of our Lord. The three wise men rejoiced when they saw the baby Jesus. It is wise to rejoice this season. Cook a nice meal,sit down with family and friends and have a nice time.
If you do not have money to celebrate, may God touch the hearts of men and cause them to give to you.
I have however noticed that some Christians actually backslide during this season. Some give in to drunkenness, immorality and sin. Rejoicing has to be always done with trembling, otherwise you can lose control. “Trembling” means to shake visibly and outwardly with fear.
Imagine you were standing at the edge of a steep cliff and learnt you had inherited a million dollars. Though you may want to run and scream, the fear of falling will limit the extent to which you can celebrate.
Let the fear of God be in your heart this season. It will control your celebrations, and it will be manifested outwardly as trembling and holiness!
Kakra Baiden