“What man is he that feareth the Lord? him shall he teach in the way that he shall choose.”
Psalm 25:12

One day, I had an interesting conversation with a bible student. After chatting with him, he requested for prayer to be a man of God. I told him, “My prayer may help but I want to ask you a question.” He said, “What is the question?” I replied, “Make sure you are not only a student of this good bible school but also a student of God.” At this point, he became confused. He said, “But I am in a bible school.” I replied and said to him, “You can be a bible student and not be a student of God; they are two different things.”

I continued, “God chooses those He will enroll and teach, not necessarily based on their level of education or whether they have paid their fees, but on one condition; the fear of the Lord. He takes it upon Himself to teach those who fear Him; that is the school fees.

You may have a concordance, a Dake’s bible, a commentary and even a cross, which are all good and helpful, but remember that God chooses those who fear Him to teach them.

The fear of God is the school fees you have to pay to be a student of God.

Kakra Baiden