There are many fights, quarrels, and wars that have been inherited. An entire family may begrudge another because one person has a problem with a particular person in the other family. Companies can be bitter enemies because the C.E.O had a problem with the other while in the university. People can hate a particular nation or race because of one unpleasant experience.

For peace to prevail, it is necessary for the initiator of the war  to “blow their trumpet.”

2 Samuel 2:28 reads, “So Joab blew the trumpet, and all the people stood still, and pursued after Israel no more, neither fought they no more.”

Joab pursued Abner with the armies of David because Abner had killed his brother, Asahel. A whole army was fighting over a personal grudge. At a point, Joab decided to call a truce and “blew the trumpet.” The whole war stopped because he had a change of mind.

It’s time to blow your personal trumpet and call a truce. Forgive your former boyfriend, mother in-law, teacher, boss or anyone who has hurt you, and cause your followers to stop fighting!

Kakra Baiden