Dear Kakra,
I was suffering from an excruciating pain below my pelvic area, which led me to see a gynaecologist every month. It wasn’t till my doctor said to me during one of my regular visits that only prayer can solve some of these things.
During the thanksgiving service, I took two envelopes and sowed 200.00 each, then I prayed to God that I don’t want to experience that pain this year. I would rather spend that money in the house of God than waste it at the hospital, so he should magnify Himself and rebuke the devourer!
That evening after service, I had a dream where I was being chased by a wild aggressive man. However, a man dressed in white came and saved me and and hid me in a room. After this dream, the pain totally vanished! 
I waited for weeks, but there was still no sign. I entered this new year in good and sound health. The affliction has lifted, just like that. Glory be to God.
I pray for grace to continue to be faithful in giving.