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Category: Testimonies

Marriage Proposal At Last!

Hello Prophet, I thank God for your life and family! You prayed for me some months ago concerning my marriage and to God be the glory, I now have two men proposing marriage to me. I’m currently so confused and need the...

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I Am 13 Weeks Pregnant!

Hello Kakra, I thank God for your life! I contacted you in the month of June requesting prayer concerning several miscarriages I encountered. You replied that you had prayed for me, and recommended that I get your book,“...

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Now Employed After One And Half Years!

Dear Kakra, Glory be to God! I wrote to you some months ago, about my unemployment situation, and you replied that you had prayed for me. You also assured me that when God opens a door, no man can shut it. Therefore, the lord...

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Court Case Averted!

Dear Kakra, I thank God for your life! Some months ago, I wrote to you concerning a friend of mine, whose ex-wife was giving him a hell of a time. The situation was so bad, and the court was not helping much. There was so much...

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I Am Now Pregnant After 4 Years Of Marriage!

Dear Kakra, Indeed we serve a living God! I wrote to you last month about not being able to conceive after 4 years of marriage. You wrote to me that you had prayed for me. I also continued praying and believing God. Only...

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Sister Now Married!

Dear Kakra, I emailed you requesting prayer for my sister, who was looking for a life partner. You replied that you had prayed for her. By the grace of God, she is now happily married. God richly bless...

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Visa Granted!

Dear Kakra, Glory be to God! I contacted you for prayer last month concerning a visa application I had put in. you replied and said you had prayed for me. Just yesterday, the embassy called me to come for my visa. Friends, who...

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Brother Now Employed!

Dear Kakra, Indeed God is good! I sent you a message about my brother, who was unemployed and had demonic dreams, where he would see an evil spirit sleeping with him. You replied that you had prayed for him. I say to the glory...

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Healed of Acute Knee Pain!

Dear Kakra, Recently, you came to preach in our church and requested for those who experienced severe pains in their knees to come forward for prayer. My mum, who had undergone two knee surgeries (on both of...

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I Tested Positive!

Dear Kakra, What a mighty God we serve! I always read people’s testimonies on your Facebook page and often tell God to give me a testimony to also share with His people. He has answered my prayer. Just last 2 months (May),...

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Spousal Visa Obtained!

Dear Kakra, We serve a living God! I wrote to you 3 months ago requesting prayer in order to obtain a spousal visa to join my wife in the UK. You replied that you had prayed for me. Finally, I got an email yesterday and picked...

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