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Category: Word In Season

Healed Of Ulcer!

Dear Prophet, It is my prayer  that our Heavenly father would keep on blessing you for the many things he does in our lives through you. Daddy, I had been experiencing severe stomach aches for sometime now and when I take in...

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Multiple Job Offers!

Dear Kakra, I am an evening student in a private University. I lost my job in the beginning of the year making things very difficult. After a few months, my rent expired and my landlady wanted me out if I did not raise the...

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Obtained A Job In Multinational Company!

Dear Kakra, I trust you and the family are doing well.  I asked you to pray for me to secure a good job. After your prayer, I testify that I have got a job with a multinational oil company. It was stated in my offer letter that...

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Healed Of Continuous Bleeding!

Dear Kakra, I thank God for your life and the great and mighty things he’s doing through your ministry.  I had been menstruating for three months continuously. I took different types of medications prescribed by medical...

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Five Weeks Pregnant!

Dear Kakra, Please i contacted you in April to help me in prayers concerning the fruit of the womb and you prayed for me. I write to testify that I am now fiveweeks pregnant. Glory be to God. May God bless and increase...

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My Son & I Have Been Given A 5-Year Visa!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you last month that I had been chosen at my workplace to go for a conference in America. I was the first to be chosen to attend such in my region.  I wrote to you about it and you replied that you had...

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Court Case Cancelled!

Hello Kakra,  I wrote to you concerning a court case I was involved in. I had been found guilty, and was asked to pay 4000 to 5000 euros. I was very devastated. You replied that you had prayed for me, and that the lord...

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Gained Admission with Full Scholarship!

Dear Kakra, Thanks be to GOD for the good things HE is doing! I asked you to pray for me to secure admission to do my MASTER’S DEGREE in Italy. You replied that you had prayed for me. I say to the glory of GOD that I...

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My Daughter Has Secured A Better Job!

Dear Kakra, I wrote to you somewhere last year asking for prayer for my daughter to secure a better job.  In January this year, I came to see you after the 2nd Service for prayer, because I was set to go visit them in the US....

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My Father Is Healed Of Prostate Cancer!

Hello Prophet, In April, I sent you a message about my father, who was on admission for prostate cancer at one of the hospitals in the country. You replied that you had prayed for him. Prophet, I write to the glory of God that...

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A Job Finally After 8 Years Of Unemployment!

Dear Prophet, What a mighty God we serve! After 8 years of completing school, I searched for a job without success. I sent several applications but all yielded no fruit.  I sent you prayer requests on several...

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I Am 13 Weeks Pregnant!

Hello Prophet, The Lord has been faithful.  I wrote to you in connection with my unemployment situation as well as my inability to conceive. You replied that you had prayed for me. After your prayers, I conceived. Now, I am...

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