Dear Kakra,
The Lord has made a way in the wilderness and rivers in the deserts in my life!
On the 18th January 2018, as you ministered at the Turning Point Service, God had mercy on me and led you to fish me out for a blessing. (I am the driver who was at the service because he had so many issues in life).
Even though I am a qualified Professional Systems Engineer with Global Certification, I was unemployed. I had written so many applications, but no opportunity came my way.
On that day, you ministered to me and prayed for me. You also said SOMETHING GREAT was going to happen to me in September.
From that day, I started receiving calls for job interviews from Multinational Organizations. In fact, one of the companies showed me a copy of my CV I sent to them four (4) year. I knew it was a miracle!
To the glory of God, the month of September is here and God has opened a GREATER DOOR for me to work in an International Organization in the field of my Specialization. My heart is filled with joy.
God bless you. You are a true man of God.