Proverbs 29:26
“Many seek the ruler’s favour; but [every] man’s judgement [cometh] from the Lord.”

When I was doing my post graduate course in architecture, I came to understand more about human nature. We had a particular lecturer who loved to be worshiped. I guess it gave him a feeling of self importance. Because of this, some of my course mates did everything to court his favour. The reason for this was eventually to obtain higher marks. He developed a disliking for me because I was not prepared to do so.

One day, he gave me a warning that he did not think I will pass. I became scared because I knew he could fail me. Then, I remembered this scripture which says, “Judgment is in the hands of God!” I refused to be a “Man Pleaser,” knowing God is the judge of all. God saw me through!

One nice thing about not being a man pleaser is you can be yourself. It is nice to be you!

Kakra Baiden