Proverbs 4:11
“I have taught thee in the way of wisdom; I have led thee in right paths.”

There are certain things I want you to notice about the wisdom of God in this verse. Firstly, wisdom is a way: “I have taught thee in the way of wisdom.” The word “way” means how someone or something behaves. For example, your behaviour in marriage could be influenced by your temper, background, or by the Word of God.

The word “way” also means a method or system that can be used to do something. There are many ways to make money; thus you can make money through corruption, stealing, or hard work.

Secondly, you have to be taught in the way of wisdom because it is not innate. The wisdom of God has to be taught; it is not common sense or something that can be learnt in a classroom. The Word of God is the manual and the Holy Spirit is the teacher. The Holy Spirit teaches us personally and also through the ministers and children of God.

Thirdly, there is a seal which authenticates the wisdom of God. We live in a world of deception and counterfeit; therefore we need to know whether the wisdom we have and are using is of God. There are various forms of wisdom that are disguised as the wisdom of God. This seal is the seal of righteousness: “I have led thee in right paths.”

Decide to make righteous decisions because it is the seal of godly wisdom!

Kakra Baiden

This devotional is an excerpt from one of Kakra Baiden’s Six Energy Drink Books.

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